KOSHY believes in creating a faith on us by resourcing and developing the skills and talent of aspiring candidates. KOSHY takes special care on each candidates to improve their technical and personnel talent before the interview.

KOSHY provides services to candidates who are interested to appear for various examinations like IELTS, PROMETRIC ,HAAD, DHA etc for Doctors , Nurses and Medical Technicians. We provide general guidance to candidates for providing proper documents and attestation from various authorities.

KOSHY also provides career guidance and pre departure orientation programs for candidates to make general awareness about Geographical & Climatic details of the destination Country. Cultural Working conditions, Dress code, rules to be followed at the place of work.

Competence & Skills Qualifying Examinations

Nurses who want to work abroad often needs to prove their competence and skills by passing qualifying examinations such as National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for USA, Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) for Canada, Health Authority Abu Dhabi-Registered Nurses (HAAD-RN) for Abu Dhabi, etc. For nurses who want to work in Saudi Arabia, they have to pass the Prometric Examination from Saudi Council Examination.

KOSHY facilitates the candidates to write these required examinations on our guidance before or after they attend the interview.

Now these qualification examinations are applicable for Doctors and Medical Technicians also.

Career guidance

KOSHY does counsel with our candidates who approach us for jobs to have a proper mission & vision on their career. KOSHY provides them information on various qualifying examinations and certifications to attain a successful career.

Pre departure Orientation

Understanding thoroughly about the geographical and climatic challenges of the destinations Country the culture , nature of and their people & life style are vital information for a candidates who leaves our country for a job. KOSHY explains all these information to our deploying candidates before their departure. We also explain about the working conditions, rules to be followed at work place , Dress codes, a small pamphlet on basic words & phrases of foreign language with translation.

During our one to one Pre-departure Orientation program, we explain the candidates about the formalities to be followed during their travel, how to respond in certain occasions , how to address the grievances during travel , whom to contact for further assistance stc..

Value Added Services

We take extra care for our candidates to get a job posting to the same location where their spouse is already working. Our documentation dept will further assist our candidates to get Embassy attestation on their marriage certificates, child’s birth certificate etc.. to obtain their family VISA . We also extend VISA stamping service for our deployed candidate’s family members.

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